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Monday, 29 October 2012

Asus 'service' update

This is just a small update to the on-going Asus UK saga. After my rant on Thursday night, two thngs happened on Friday. First when I called the Asus helpline again, and after going through the same routine as I mentioned in my last last post, I was given the telephone number for the repair center. Why I could not have been given this number on the Monday I do not know, but the call center operator claims that it should have been printed on my upload receipt (obviously it wasn't, and I am still unsure why none of the other operators I spoke to checked if I had the number, or even suggested that I call the repair center direct). The other 'happening' was a call back from the level 2 team. I don't know if my blog post and subsequent link on twitter mentioning @AsusUK (with a load of re-tweets, thanks tweeps) helped, but I suspect it may have. The rep from the level 2 team went over my case, and told me to be back in touch if I had not received my quotation by today (Monday), then I should e-mail back and they would ensure I received it.

The conversation with the repair center didn't really run smooth (even though the end result was fine). First I was informed that my quotation was still being finalised despite the fact that Asus had reported to me on the Monday that it was showing on their system as awaiting my response. How I was ever meant to respond to a quotation that was still being put together I don't know. When I inquired why it had taken so long to produce a quotation, I was told that it was actually quick for an Asus repair, as they normally take up to a month (a timescale that Asus have denied). I asked to check the contact details they had on file for me and was given my phone number and address, but no e-mail address. I then asked how I would receive the quotation and was told I would receive it through the post. As this saga has dragged on I requested to be sent it electronically, and was told that would be fine. Come Saturday morning I got the quotation, through the post. Not perfect, but at least they used a first class stamp!

Now I just need to wait for the housing association and contractors to agree to the repair.

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