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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Asus UK - A definition in crap customer care !

I have written maybe a dozen posts on this Blog since I started it, this is the third one about Asus UK and their complete lack of after sales care.  Of my previous two posts on this, one told you what was going on, and explained the issues I was having, the other actually gave a little praise as everything seemed to start moving along, needless to say everything has stalled again since then.

I finished my second Asus post by saying that I was only awaiting the housing association paying the amount quoted from the SBE repair centre  and then my daughters 4 days old Laptop could be mended and returned and we could all live happily ever after.  Life refuses to work like that though, and the gentle winding road ahead of me leading to a once again happy daughter was soon full of pot holes, red lights, and diversions.

When I last bored you with this, I was waiting for payment to reach the repair centre so the work could start.  True to their word, Glen Oaks housing association coughed up the necasery within the week, so I waited for confirmation from SBE that the Laptop was working and would be winging it's way to me like an eagle swooping from above.  After a week or so I got a little bored of this, and contacted SBE (I had to contact them on twitter as the phone system must be left on silent in the offices meaning no one hears them ring). The SBE social media team were prompt in getting back to me, they told me that my repair was on hold as Asus had not delivered the replacement motherboard that was needed to fix the Laptop.  Naturally I contacted the Asus UK level two representative, and asked if she could elevate delivery of the part.  I sent this email on the 23rd of November, more than enough time for the repair to have taken place.  On the 26th of November I received a reply stating that the repair centre had sent me a quotation and were awaiting confirmation to fix the Laptop,  even though the quotation had been paid in full by the 9th of november.  I replied quoting the information that I had received from SBE stating that they were actually awaiting the Asus team to deliver the replacement part, and again asking if delivery could be fast tracked.  I then got a reply from a member of the Asus technical support department which stated that 'according to our records the motherboard issue is now closed' and then went on to say they would be contacting the repair centre.  On the 10th of December I received another email from Asus telling me that the normal turnaround for repairs was 31 days, and after that they would look into alternative solutions, I informed them that at this point I had been waiting 56 days since collection.  

Today I had a missed call on my phone from a number I did not know, the voicemail which was left although hard to understand was from Asus, but I could not really make out any detail.  Being a little rash, I pressed the screen to call the number back.  Low and behold I was talking to Asus HOLLAND (I wrote that in bold just to make sure you paid it all the attention it deserves).  I will say that again actually, I was talking to Asus HOLLAND (oops, did it again).  My Asus Laptop, being fixed by Asus UK at a repair centre in Kent is under the jurisdiction of Asus Holland!  The very nice sounding gentleman named Jonas who is dealing with my case was un-available, so I left a message for him to contact me again.  Within minutes I received another email from Jonas, this time it stated, and I quote 'With reference to your query regarding the repair of your unit, please note that the delay is due to the fact that the fault was diagnosed as customer induced damage as such there are charges involved. Could you please confirm whether you have received a quote from the repair center or not? I tried to call you to discuss the issue but I got the voice mail.'.

Now maybe I am being delusional here, but I thought we had cleared up the fact that the quotation had been received at the end of October, and had been paid within the week.  It is now 30 days over the Asus 31 day repair threshold, and yet Asus rather than attempting to resolve the issue, are in fact acting like a bad comedy routine.  Every email I receive is like Groundhog day, nothing is moving any further forward.  

To say that I am annoyed, angry, disappointed, livid, raging, ready to commit murder would be ,like saying the sun is hot, true, but very understated.  The way things are going we will be lucky to get my daughters Laptop back for Christmas, but I don't hold out any hope of that.  What annoys me most is the complete lack of accurate information coming from Asus.  I booked my repair through Asus UK, and yet they have absolutely no concern their customers satisfaction.  I said this in my original rant, this is a paid repair, someone is making money out if this, not a lot, but a profit none the less.



  1. Pile of junk it seems Asus..
    Service without a smile..so wont be buying one
    anytime soon...

  2. They've had my notebook for SIX WEEKS - no contact numbers to anybody who knows anything other than LetMeRepair.co.uk who have been the gem in the pile of manure in terms of customer service. The 'SWAPS' team were supposed to be contacting me two weeks ago - nothing. And the underling minions have no contact with the SWAPS team! DO NOT BUY A MACHINE FROM THIS COMPANY. Oh and by the way my daughters Nexus 7 - made by ASUS and bought for her as a gift by me before this fiasco - has also had one screen death which required a replacement. Thank goodness that the currys warranty has a better interface than that of ASUS.

  3. I work for Asus and this is a normal service. First line pass things to us and things just stop. We're too small a team with far too much to do.

    The whole service system is broken and we are powerless to help customers.

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