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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Contractors, Asus, and typical Glasgow weather

It feels like I only post on here when I am moaning, but sometimes you just need to vent some anger.

My daughter bought a new Asus Laptop on my advice mid September this year. Although not top of the range, it cost her £800 from her student grant with the purpose of seeing her through her four year university course. The Laptop came with decent specs, a 750G HDD, an I7 CPU & 8G of RAM. The Laptop was delivered on a Monday, and after transferring files from her old Netbook she took it home.

Luckily (or un-luckily) my daughter is having some work done on her rented flat by the local housing association. The contractors on the job have pretty poor to say the least, which resulted in my daughters top floor flat being without roof tiles for a period of five weeks. On the Thursday morning she left for a day at university, leaving the Laptop closed on her living room coffee table, to return at around 4:30pm. Needless to say it was a typical wet Glasgow day, and sods law, her roof developed a leak. The water came through, ran along the ceiling and down her ceiling light onto the lid of her Laptop. If you are tech minded you know to remove the battery, and let the device dry out properly before attempting to switch it on, but in her panic my daughter broke the golden rule and switched it on to check if it was still working. The Asus logo flashed up and then it went dead. After calling home and following the correct procedure, giving the Laptop plenty time to dry out, the result would always be the same.

We contacted the housing association and wanting the situation resolved as soon as possible, put a proposal to them that would suit all parties. I suggested that we put the Laptop into a local approved Asus repair shop, and that a years insurance would be taken out to cover the now void Asus warranty. Everyone agreed and the Laptop was checked in for repair. Sadly because the device was so new to market, the motherboard (which was determined as the faulty part) was not generally available and the shop returned the Laptop still broken. At this point the contractors who were responsible for the leak, started acting like a bunch of arses. They decided that they were not happy with the repair shops assessment and asked that the Laptop be sent to their IT department for their own analysis. Obviously despite this additional delay we agreed, and the report came confirming the faulty motherboard. Sadly this was not all the report said, it went on to state that there was no evidence of any water damage and it would be a warranty covered repair. Now while I did not see the laptop sitting under the drip, I have seen the condition it left my daughters coffee table in, and there must have been a whole load of water that came in. It seemed to us that the contractors (Cameron Construction Group) were trying to wriggle out of their responsibility. Luckily the housing association agreed that the damage was caused by the ingression of water (it was four days old, and had it just stopped working we would have sent it back) and they agreed that we should send it to Asus for repair, and they would see good on the cost.

I called Asus, to be told that I had to fill out a form on the Asus UK website (which I did), the next day I received an e-mail back directing me to another form to fill in on the website (which I did), again the following day I received an e-mail telling me to fill in the original form again (which I did). Success! I received an e-mail the following day telling me the Laptop would be collected within 48 hours, and on the day of collection another e-mail detailing what time the courier would arrive. True to their word, the courier turned up in the allotted time frame and collected the Laptop on Monday the 15th of October. All was good in the world, the Laptop was going to be repaired, the housing association would foot the bill, and my daughter would smile again (not something that happens too often).

I waited till the following Monday before contacting Asus in regard of the repair and then the dark clouds of despair returned. I was informed that the repair centre had been in touch with me and were awaiting my decision regarding the repair (confirmation of the fault and the repair costs). I explained to the help desk operator that I had received no communication from the repair centre and was told that my case would be elevated to a level 2 case. I was then told that a member of the level 2 team would be in touch regarding my repair. After hearing nothing, I called back on the Wednesday to be told that the level 2 team could take up to 48 hours to be in touch, and that I should wait until four thirty before calling back. Obviously my phone it did not ringeth, and I duly called the Asus help desk again. This time I was told I would have to give the level 2 team until the morning. I expressed my displeasure at being told to wait again, and asked to be put through to the level 2 team, and was told that this was not possible, the level 2 team have to call you (maybe their phones don't get incoming calls?). On Thursday I once again called Asus UK only to be fobbed off again. I was told that I would again have to wait for a call from the level 2 team, and that the call might not come until Friday. It is now Thursday night and I have received no communication from Asus other than to tell me to wait whenever I call them to find out what is happening.

My daughters Laptop is lying in limbo in an Asus repair centre awaiting someone to say 'fix it'. While I appreciate that all companies have their own procedures, I would think that after this amount of time someone would just call or email the repair centre supplying my contact details, and ask them to get in touch with me ASAP. This is a technology company, surely a line of communication is not beyond them. Also remember that this is a PAID for repair, not a freebie, and someone will be making money from it (granted not a fortune, but a profit none the less).

When this is all finished and I eventually get the Laptop back working (it's been almost a month and a half since it last worked) I will no doubt send an email of complaint to Asus UK. If all goes according to form I will receive a reply around about the 4th of February 2014. 


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