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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Why Ubuntu ?

Like a lot of folk out there I had a PC running windows (XP @ the time), and I had become used to the normal routine of install, run for a couple of months, grind to a halt, re-install sequence that you get into with windows. I also used to buy the odd computer mag, reading about the latest kit I could not afford until it was near obsolete, try programs from the cover disk that just installed more crap and slowed things down even more, you know where I am coming from. Well one of those cover disks had four linux distro 's on it, and being bored I decided to have a look. The choices were Gentoo (didn't get it to boot), Knoppix (ran fine, but took a little time), another I cant remember (didn't boot anyway), and Ubuntu. To my complete surprise once Ubuntu had booted, everything on my old desktop was working (I know that aint always the way, but I got lucky), but what really astounded me was that it was running quicker from a CD-ROM than the XP I had installed was.

Over the next few days I kept booting the live disk, trying out the pre-installed apps, researching a little until I realised that I was using Ubuntu more than XP. Bugger it I though, lets install this. I installed onto a second HDD so that my XP wouldn't get damaged any away I went. Pretty soon, my wife wanted an account setup, as she noticed that the computer ran faster when I was on it, then the kids fell into line too.

I know there are a ton of other distro's out there, but until Ubuntu lets me down, I will stick with it.

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