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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Android, Villains and a Hero

If you like messing about with gadgets then a mobile phone is an obvious piece of kit, it covers a lot of bases, you have it with you 24/7 and they are really quite powerful now. After the usual load of feature phones the first 'smartphone' I got was a Nokia N80, it allowed me to do a fair bit, but it had a tiny screen, and was limited in processing power, but was quite nice. The problem was that Nokia released the N95 not long after I got the N80, so it was upgrade time again soon. The N95 was a great phone, it did everything I threw at it, and even now the camera still holds up. But it was still a phone, and had its limitations. I had planned to upgrade to another Nokia when my time came, but then Android, and the Hero came out, and I did covet it.

So upgrade time comes, and Three UK start acting like bell ends. End up having to cancel my contract and taking a new one out a couple of weeks later to get the deal I want with a shiny new Hero. But I have it, and spend a couple of weeks basking in its glory before I start fucking with it. I bombard Google for tutorials on how to root it, and then its flashing time. The Hero had a great dev scene, and still has a fairly decent one all things considered. So I tried a few ROM's and settle for VillainROM 5, the quality these guys were putting out was great, and so most of the time I had my Hero as my main phone, its one of their ROM's that was on it. You can have a look at what they do here, loads of handsets are covered now.

Since the Hero, I've moved onto a HTC HD2, its getting to the end of its life cycle, but its a great phone. Originally sold for Winmob 6.5, it has come into its own as an Android device, but dual cores is where its at now. So what to get next ? SGS II ? LG 2X? Maybe, or I just wait and see what else will be coming out.

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  1. Gakaxy Nexus is where its at, Apprently