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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Getting old sucks

All through my life I have been a fairly contented little chappy (teenage angst years aside), never the life and soul of a party but usually always in a good mood. Other people's opinions never really upset me, even if I held an opposing view. I have worked in bars for 26 years and my personality suited the job well, tolerant of others and blessed with a patience when most would be pulling their hair out. But the last couple of years have seen a change, a mental adjustment of how I see and possibly treat others. I'm not talking about looking for confrontation as I walk by someone on the street or any other extreme behaviour, but instead a slow, gentle erosion of some of the character traits I have always shown. Basically I get really pissed off, really quickly over stuff that has next to no bearing on my life. My patience has gone to be replaced by a sour grump.

I am putting this down to age and the erosion of manners that sometimes you see older people display. It could be quite as easily a product of the online, always connected digital age that we now live in and has produced so many keyboard warriors/critics/trolls but I kind of like the image of the grumpy old man better. By way of proof of my sedated descent into cantankerousness you only need to look at any of my social media feeds (or even this blog) and see the once hopeful and bright posts become almost acidic in their bitterness. My eternal optimism has left the building. I don't go as far as hate or anything that requires energy but rather just get really, really frustrated. These things/people/actions simultaneously get up my nose, on my wick and wind me up.

And what brings out this venom of annoyance? Trivial, mundane bollocks usually. Seldom is it anything that actually matters, for serious life affecting issues I still apply an analytical process (well, I usually do). We are talking issues that have zero bearing on my life, a watch strap for a watch I don't own, or an app for an OS I don't use. You have no idea how much these little insignificant things annoy the life out of me for no reason whatsoever.

I am posting this not as another moan, or even because I feel bad about it. I quite enjoy it at times, it can be fun. No, I am posting this for it's educational value. Most of anyone who might read this will be younger than I am (46 at last count, although I did think there was another year or two on that at one point) so I am simply letting you have a little look at what could be in store for you. A window to the future. Now ask yourself if as a comparative youngster you already have any of these traits, cause if so you're gonna be one miserable old fecker.

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