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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Honor update - Part 1

So in order to keep things fair I felt I should provide a little update on my experience with Honor (Huawei) since I wrote last nights blog post.

Luckily I happen to know a couple of folks who are far better connected than myself in the mobile industry and a few of them read my post this morning. What transpired was a complete turn around. It seems that Honor have just got round to hiring a new UK social team and I believe that the competition got lost in transition somewhere. Now that's obviously still poor form and no excuse but it does at least give some kind of explanation. The new marketing team were made aware of my plight and acted pretty quickly, in jig time I received a couple of DM's on twitter asking for some contact details and assuring me that the handset would be sent out. They then went one step better which really started earning back some brownie points. The head of UK marketing then personally called me to offer his sincere apologies and hoped that I could start believing in the company, a very nice touch I think.

Now just in case you are wondering, this was not special treatment for me, all the winner were dealt with in exactly the same way.

So why part 1? Well even though I have been told that the handset was shipping today, you don't get redemption until it arrives. When it does I will do part 2 and maybe add some initial thoughts of the phone.

So Honor may just have restored some honour without having tocommit hari kari.

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