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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lighting can strike twice!

So what do you know, a matter of 3 days after I blog to the world about my great luck in winning my LG G2x, I've gone and done it again :-). This time my prize is a shiny new iPhone 4 courtesy of @ThreeUK. I believe this now puts me firmly atop the #jammygit league of spawny sods. My first response was to ask if they could exchange it for an SGSII or GNex, but I was firmly told no, and then received a smattering of twitter abuse for being ungrateful. Nothing could have been further from the truth, I was incredibly grateful, but 'if you don't ask you don't get' I was always told.

Now I need to decide what to do with it, my original plan was to sell it, £350ish on ebay looked good. But when I got home from work I was smothered in requests and reasoning from my 3 daughters as to why each of them should have it. I knew I was not going to keep it for myself, first I am not a big fan of IOS, and secondly I am happy with my G2x and my contract is due renewal in just over a months time anyway, and I know that my wife would not look at it either (smaller is better in her universe, guess that's why she likes me). This means that I have the joys of making one child ecstatically happy, and having the other two despise me to the pits of hell. Its great being a dad, I just need to work out how to piss them all of at once, and I'm a happy man. Logically its pointless giving it to the youngest, she has a phone now and never uses it, so it would just be an iPod to her and she has one already. I could give it to the middle daughter, about to turn 13 it would be a nice birthday present for her, but I really think a 13 year old with an iPhone 4 is just asking to get mugged, plus it then sets the birthday present bar a little higher than I want it to go when the rest of them are looking for their own pressies. That just leaves the eldest, 22 and out the house (so she annoys me less than the other two by default). Her emotional plea (for plea read blackmail) is that she has returned to full time education and cant afford nice things, plus she has pulled an ace out of the pack by getting herself a place in Strathclyde University, not sure what the course is, but its an 'ology' of some kind. I also know its now become traditional to get your kid a laptop for heading of to university, but she already a decent enough one, so this is the perfect alternative.

Now I just need to wait on the phone being delivered, jailbreak it and pass it on, and make at least one daughter happy.

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