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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Every day I love android a little more

The title says it all really, more and more I find my little phone invaluable. Today I had to get the windscreen replaced on my car after the little incident posted below. As the chip was getting so bad, I decided to take it to the Autoglass workshop rather than wait for a home visit.

And that's when android started working for me. First I load google places and search for Autoglass, select the branch I want from the list, and choose navigation. Easy as pie. Once I arrive I need to wait for 2 hours till the work is completed, so it's in with the earphones and fire up my current best music app, Moodagent (cheers CaptainStu72). But it gets better, while listening to my sounds I also load up Kindle and flick through a book, while still getting all my txt's, calls, and twitter updates, even a reply from Autoglass to see if the service is upto scratch. I was only there 2 hours, but this little box of technology kept me connected, and entertained, multi-tasking its little heart out.

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